(German Article) Offener Brief von Digitalchef Christian Meyer

First of all please excuse that this article is in German. It’s based on an open letter to the digital industry with a focus on german speaking region. — Christian Meyer ist Senior Media Manager Europe und Head of Digital bei der Theo Müller Gruppe. Sein offener Brief vom 1. September 2016 hat einige Gemüter erregt…und dies kurz vor dem wichtigsten Event in der Branche, der DMEXCO.

Personas and 1:1 Marketing

Personas are fictitious people and the typical user which holds important characteristics of your target group. The questions is, if we need  personas at a time everyone is talking about 1:1 marketing? Personas are a user model to describe a target group. Target groups are a set instrument since many years. Adobe is one of […]

Performance Marketing? What the hell is this?

Are you still confused if you listen to different people who all knows what “Performance Marketing” is and all talk about different things? Do you think then this is just another buzzword if you hear words like RTB, RTA, Performance Advertising, Programmatic Buying, etc.? Performance Marketing is nothing new, but it changed with the amount of […]

UX, the digital revolution?

A new buzz-word which is very old is coming up: UX or User Experience What does this means? What’s behind this and why has it a new importance? UX is originally coming from software development. Within the digital age it get a much more powerful importance. We need to differentiate between 2 things, on the […]

Webanalytics will die

Marketing is the new sales and data the new marketing! …but webanalytics vendors like, Google Analytics, IBM, Adobe, Webtrends, Webtrekk or others need to reshape their product. The future of marketing is data driven and combines more then online data. Webanalytics like we know it today will die and will be integrated or taken over […]

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