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Altimeter’s Top Digital Trends for 2019 – Brian Solis

Each year, the Altimeter analyst team predicts digital trends that will have the biggest impact on businesses. In 2019, my colleagues Charlene Li, Omar Ahktar, Susan Etlinger, along with yours truly, share our take on what we see as most important trends to follow. Digital Transformation, Digital Experience, Brand and Innovation: Brian Solis CIOs Become Cross-Functional Business Partners to Accelerate Enterprise-Wide Digital Transformation The “digital” in digital transformation is no longer just about investing in the latest disruptive technology trends….

A Prelude to Innovation: Figure Out How The World is Changing and How To Be More Relevant as It Evolves – Brian Solis

There are many places in this world I hope to one day experience. On that list was Sofia, Bulgaria. I use the past tense as I’m so happy to report that I had the opportunity to visit this beautiful city (and country) for the DigitalK conference. What a great event! I presented on topic that I refer to as “A Prelude to Innovation.” It’s meant to spotlight the important actions and events serving as the introduction to innovation itself. Shortly…

Brands of the Future: The Critical Relationship Between BX, CX, UX and EX – Brian Solis

Businesses are doubling down on customer experience and rightfully so. The customer has never been more connected, informed and empowered. Any brand hoping to survive and thrive in an era of digital Darwinism has no choice but to #adaptordie. But customer experience in of itself is not enough. Brands must understand what it means to compete at a time when people are not only changing, their priorities around values, aspirations and loyalty are also shifting. Humanity is now the killer…

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