Does the customer needs to empathize into the brand or vice versa?


Yesterday I have had a great discussion which ended with the sentence “why a customer needs to empathize into the brand”. This is the same like if the glass is half full or half empty. Very similar but a huge difference.

Quick answer? Hopefully not! This is not a question one vs. the other where we weight things against each other.

What do you think?

Let’s have a look into it. It is important that a customer feels well with the brand. The automotive industry is doing this in very early days. They are setting the direction for their brand while people are children or teenager, long before they have a car allowance.

This is a very long process to adopt someone into the own brand. So why not vice versa and understand the customer / prospect and give him what he wants to feel great?

This is not a question who is a winner in a fight. It is – like always – important to meet each other on one eye level. Through the digitalization we have much more possibilities to understand each single customer. Looking 50 years back, this was very difficult and time consuming, that’s why brands focused on them self and makes the customer empathize into the brand. But things change, so why still sticking on this approach?

This is a huge mindset shift we are approaching to. It is less about the question what we change -this is just the stating point. It is about how we get this changed within our company and bring everyone on the same boat.

All in all a topic which can’t cover in a single post. So, I’m happy to get your thoughts and see this post just as a starting point for a great discussion! Please write a comment or send me a message.

Let’s talk !

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