Marketing & Transformation - What is changing in marketing & what means digital transformation really?

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Skipping channel thinking and build up a cross-channel approach to interact holistic with the customer.

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Change requires mindset, lateral thinking and the true willingness to do more than just placing a shell.

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Customer Experience

We see #CX as the key change driver, but often we have a huge issue in mindset & implementation.

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Scanner Personality - The Core Success Element For Transformation?

Have your heard about the so-called scanner personality? A scanner personality is an universalist or generalist... a multi-talent. A pronounced curiosity about many topics is a nature of talent. Scanner personalities have an overwhelming curiosity about a variety of topics and prefer to deal with all their ideas immediately and...

Experiences in times of crisis counts!

It is not the time for marketing as usual, it is time for communication!

The world is changing - The change in interacting

This is the right time to help, win trust and build a great customer experience. So stay calm and adopt your business to stay healthy and save.

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