Marketing & Transformation - What is changing in marketing and what means digital transformation?

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Read more whats going on, whats new, what are the trends and which rumors are going around.

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Change requires mindset lateral thinking and the willingness to do more than just placing a shell.

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Trends, News & More

Business is changing fast and full of buzzwords. What's relvant and important to pay attention to?

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"Sven is a proven leader in digital transformation with the ability to bring customer-centric solution to the table and work through the process from ideation to implementation. He knows how to 'think globally and act locally.' " Aaron Goldman, CMO Kenshoo
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The Marketing Master Plan

Building up a brand is first of all focussing on the customer. Who is the driver of it and how can we successfully build the right Customer and Brand Experience?

The X Principle within Transformation

Do you see the X within transformation? Often we talk about digital transformation... which is not about digital, it's about transformation. This transformation means not just using digital tools & channels, it means changing the entire business... and this in direction to the customer and...

Do you know why your #Transformation is no #Transformation?

Very often I see people talking about all the buzzwords and then they start doing something "new". In real they don't dare to change something fundamental.

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