Marketing & Transformation - What is changing in marketing & what means digital transformation really?

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Skipping channel thinking and build up a cross-channel approach to interact holistic with the customer.

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Change requires mindset, lateral thinking and the true willingness to do more than just placing a shell.

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Customer Experience

We see #CX as the key change driver, but often we have a huge issue in mindset & implementation.

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"Sven is a proven leader in digital transformation with the ability to bring customer-centric solution to the table and work through the process from ideation to implementation. He knows how to 'think globally and act locally.' " Aaron Goldman, CMO Kenshoo
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My personal 2020

Has the race from the last years to be continued for 2020 and the following years? Let's orchestrate an entire new orchestra with new and existing kinds of musicians.

Let's start the transformation of hunting and farming within sales as an experience business!

Looking only on the interests, pains and needs of a customer isn't enough. There is more, there is a company with their need of revenue. Can we bring both parties together?

The brand, the last big bastion. What's the next evolution after customer experience?

It's all about the brand at the end of the day. We see very strong brand guidelines within companies, but they crumble. Do they crumble because of the customer?

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