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Please read the Data Privacy Policy for more about cookies and how this website handles data privacy.

Short note:
Cookies are generally divided into essential and non-essential. The essential cookies are those necessary for providing the information requested by the user. All other cookies are considered non-essential. This website uses cookies so that you can be provided with the best user experience possible. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognizing you when you return to our website and helping to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful.

Here you see a full list of used essential and non-essential cookies. Please click on the button below to manage your preferences (opt-out / opt-in).


Essential cookies enable basic functions and are necessary for the proper function of the website.


ProviderOwner of this website
PurposeThis website has some build in security features. Therefor some (typical up to 6) alphanumerical cookies will be used. This is essential to protect the site.
Privacy Policy
Cookie Namesec_*
Cookie ExpiryDifferent cookies have different retention periods. It’s either one hour or the WordPress user session expiration time. In the last case typical 48hour but it can be longer if a user clicks "remember me"


ProviderOwner of this website
PurposeWordpress is the system which creates this site. Maybe you see a first-party cookie called “wordpress_test_cookie”. This is used by WordPress just to check if it’s possible to set cookies and will expire after the session ends (a so called “session cookie”). Wordpress is based on PHP technology. To recognize sessions the PHP server is also setting a session cookie.
Privacy Policy
Cookie Name*wordpress* & PHPSESSID
Cookie Expiry Session cookie, deleted when you close your web browser


Non-Essential cookies enable functions to deliver a great user experience. Here analytics and popup cookies are used. Analytics cookies are collecting information anonymously. To respect your privacy most, this website does not use any external tracking like Google Analytics. Matomo (the analytics system) is hosted on the same server like this site.


ProviderOwner of this website
PurposeCookies by Matomo are used for website analytics. Matomo is generating anonymized statistical data on how the visitor uses the website to better understand the needs and deliver a better user experience and better content. To respect your privacy most, Matomo is hosted local on the same server like this site. No data will sent externally.
Privacy Policy
Cookie Name_pk_*.* and mtm_consent_removed
Cookie Expiry_pk_ses, _pk_cvar, _pk_hsr – 30 minutes; _pk_ref – 6 months; _pk_id – 13 months


ProviderOwner of this website
PurposePop-ups are very rare used and only for highlighting own content. It will never be used for payed advertising. There is no general cookie used. For each popup there will be one cookie set and this only after you closed the popup. This cookie is used to make sure you don't see a popup to often, means as long as this cookie is set, you don't see this popup again. All these popup cookies have an end date where they will be deleted by your browser. After this end date you may see the popup again.
Privacy Policy
Cookie Namepum_*
Cookie ExpiryDepending on the pop-up, typically some days to up some less weeks. Maximum should be 6 month.
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Note: As long as you didn’t clicked on ok within the top banner, only essential cookies are set and this function is maybe inactive.

Matomo Analytics

This website is using IP anonymization and don’t store data on external server (like it would be the case with Google Analytics). This is done to respect your privacy most.
Keeping Matomo analytics enabled helps to improve the website. It would appreciate if you keep this tracking enabled.

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