What let us win within CX?


Just an end of week thinking  —  We are talking about great systems with buzzwords like AI, Next Generation…., Real-Time and much more. We read reports from Forrester and Gartner to compare which system is the best for us and attend conferences to hear the latest and greatest news. But… are this things let us win?

It’s not about systems. For sure we need systems, but we do not need the best system, just a system to handle them. Many SaaS solutions are great and far enough to do the job. The success does not takes place through the best system it takes place through the best data strategy, the best data collection & handling. We need to discover which data we already have, which we need and how we can bring this data together and make them usable.

Artificial Intelligence (#AI) is great, but what is AI without the right data? Today we may use 20% of the data we could use to build standard (Non-AI) user profiles.

For me it is frightening that we follow all the hypes and neglect our homework for the basics. With just some more data we could great big win’s within campaigns or conversion rate optimization (#CRO). For example, if we know from customer service that someone has a complain or problems with the product he bought from us… we shouldn’t send him the next newsletter which shows how great our products are. It’s just that simple and does not need #AI or all the other buzzwords.

Take a break think about how much hype we need & have a great weekend!

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