Marketing Transformation, the all-in-one approach

- Marketing Transformation, the all-in-one approach: Do you know how growth marketing of the 20s looks like? It's much more than what it was before. It's a different approach which requires a different thinking...

Make sure you get what you expected. Change happens every day, but transformation is much bigger. Don’t expect everyone understands everything or is able to do everything in the right way.

Communication is key, not only in marketing. To do the right communication we first of all need to listen to understand every time and everywhere. Next Vision, Strategy, Implementation and Execution needs to go hand ind hand, nothing new. The big picture is often clear, also the projects… but often the detailed single projects are loosing the connection to the bigger picture, the vision, the strategy. That’s why we need pay attention everywhere.

Think about who is working on or supporting your transformation agenda.

There are many departments and different hierarchy level, from the intern up to the c-level. Do you think everyone has the same understanding? You are briefing all stakeholders or better you are developing it together with them… but at the end of the day there is a different outcome. You are the one to align the drift of thinking / acting and the single projects / milestones. Therefore you need the attention to detail as well as the overview.

There is no blueprint for transformation. Every transformation project is different, every company is different and every stakeholder is different. There is also no technique which leads you to success. Agility, Scrum, New Work and many other topics are just tools… but they won’t help if there is less “together” or the wrong mindset.

Transformation is first of all people management, then business management.

Think about yourself, are you the business transformer or the people transformer? You are both… great, but what is your strength? Find your sparing partner for exchange outside all “company politics” and find the right contributor cross all areas and all levels.

Communication and acting should be aligned to get trust and keep trust. Two directions we need to work on every day and never rest. It’s so much fun if the gears mesh together. This is what grows speed and helps to reach high level goals. This is grow marketing of the 20s.

Let’s start moving !

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