The solution should be in humanity

Gartner and Forester are telling us which are the best tools for this and that. Within marketing we are looking for the best holistic marketing solution which give us the best view into each single user / customer / person to build great experiences… but is this the right approach?

Faster, further, higher… Business is driving us and we need to deliver x% more every year. We use more and more data to reach this and we are trying to get the most out of them…

Is this the right approach? It’s for sure an approach I did and still do often.


Looking at the most successfully companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc., they all use data and they are all hungry for data. The success concede them that they are right.

If we proceed this way we can replace humans with machines with AI.

So, do we want to let us driven by AI? Do we want such a culture and such a future? Isn’t it humanity and personality which makes us human and makes us happy?

Let’s have a look at an example. Two companies with comparable products and both are the only player in their market. There is a huge fight between them to win the most customer. They are pushing each other higher and higher… but at the end, do they sell more? The amount of sales is the same, just shifted from one to the other. For sure, at the beginning in the market they started creating a need for their products in the customer mind, but after this it is more a fight between this both companies and nothing for the customer.

Competition is pushing things forward… but what kind of competition is healthy?

We are doing marketing and sales… we are running in business faster, further and higher. Think about which people comes to your mind in this direction.
Have a look at this people and there personal way of communication with others (not only you)…

What do you think about it?

And now, keep in mind the 3 topics logic, loyalty and empathy… what do you think now about their communication? What do you think about internal communication within companies and how do employees work together?

What we need is a more healthy way of doing business. A way build on trust instead of pure profit and with a personal communication instead of an AI driven communication.

CX means Customer Experience and do we want an AI driven experience in future? Personally I’m a big fan of CX, but more in the direction we did it in the past with brand marketing…

Marketing needs to connect to the customer like in the past, not tools. Tools are just helpful for marketing to do so.

CX is driving every business and every industry. It is a big chance for us, but there is also a big risk in it if we use the approach the wrong way. We should use it to generate more business, we should use it to generate business more easy with better results for the customer!

Do we need after a successful business year the following year to be better? Isn’t it a fail if we do it the following year with the same result?

Stop by and rest!

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