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Tim Huges: “Why Advertising Has Failed Us”

Broadcast marketing is a one direction communication which is just tapping on the own shoulder and says “we are the best”. This is no 2-way interaction who generates and solves needs / pains and build a relationship with a great experience. This is corporate and not customer focused…. and that’s why I think advertising will […]

The change of the marketer

The result of the change of interacting and communication with clients, prospects and / or user is a total different profile of a marketer in future. How communication could look like in 2025 you can see here. The marketer will be the trusted advisor who will not post advertising any more. He will post on […]

Near-Time Advertising (NTA), the better way to do Programatic Advertising?

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) is in the whole world. Everyone is talking about it and it’s the basic “technology” for Programmatic Advertising, Real-Time Advertising (RTA) or however you call it. The question is if we really need real-time!? Let’s look back. Before RTB it was a massive workload to place and change campaigns. With RTB we […]

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