What counts? What hits?

First of all it’s the mindset! We still build Customer Experience around the Brand and not vice versa. We can’t let go what we have learned for decades.

Everything is still turning around the brand. The brand is the king while everything else (beside revenue) is not important. We know that the customer is getting more and more important, but we act different… and we are often proud of our “Customer Success Story” which isn’t a real one.

We are driven by buzzwords, doesn’t matter if it is digitalization, digital transformation, customer experience, artificial intelligence, etc. We jump on everything and show that we are trendy by using these buzzwords and starting different “programs” for it. This is great for market communication, for our own bosses and much more. Looking behind these programs there is nothing.

Can nothing help the customer? Do we have the right view what counts and what hits?

- What counts? What hits?: First of all it's the mindset! We still build Customer Experience around the Brand and not vice versa. We can't let go what we have learned for decades.

Putting on the customer classes we understand what topics he hits. First of all it’s his “Interest / Need / Pain”. Within the chart we see all the topics a customer hits. There are also people around him who influence him or his personal possibilities… he can buy a cabriole if he has a family with 3 child for example if he has not the money to buy 2 cars.

What we see more and more in future is, that the importance of the brand will stagnate if we don’t stop the self-infatuation of the brand and start building trust (based on empathy, loyalty and logic). About thrust I have written a series which you can read here.

Personal possibilities and personal environment are 2 points which are often not in the focus. Maybe we have an influencer program, but this is not hitting everything which is needed behind the personal environment tile. Going back with to the car example… Can we set-up a new business model which allows the family to have / use a cabriole when ever they want? Thinking so we build from the issues we have in personal possibilities maybe new products and services. THIS IS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE !!

We have seen interests, combine them with the personal possibilities and build new products and services. AFTER THIS we can think about how we fit this into the brand image / profile.

We need to turn around the customer and not the brand and the topics must come out of the customer.

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