The balancing act of transformation

- The balancing act of transformation: Are you struggling with the
Are you struggling with the “how” to do the transformation everyone is talking about? Do you know what to do, but if it comes to the how you (and/or your colleagues) have often a “yes, but…” in mind?

Everybody is talking about Digital Transformation and you know it is about Customer Experience. It is easy to follow this approach in a new business, but in existing business you need to take care about not loosing too much during the change process.

Often this results in just translating old things (business, processes, approaches, etc.). This means doing still the same thing just in a bit different way… but this isn’t transformation. Transformation means changing the core of the core. What we need is business agility. Lateral thinker are great here. Such people can help to get new views. Often people from outside are the best.

With this we are coming to the how. For me, it is not about following strict just one model and pray for this. It is about being agile and adopt the principles behind to build something own which combine elements from different models. Let’s have a look into some models first.

Combined Growth-Hacking Loop

As mentioned it is not about a single methodology and a formal process.

What we need are conductors. We need people who have the overview as well as the deep insight in many areas so that they can pull the strings and bring together the specialists who are doing the how in depth.

On the one side we need to bring together the brand with the market and the customer and build a relationship which helps to understand, predict and change things. On the other side we need to drive emotions and build trust.

Through design thinking, lean startup and co-creation we have build relevant and great products and services which have a huge value to solve needs and pains… but is this everything to generate real growth? VEA stands for Value, Emotion and Adventure. This principle shows that there is a bit more.. while emotion and adventure together are 60% of the game.

What keeps us struggling are old rules? We have personal goals in out job instead of department or better just corporate (customer driven) goals and assessments who have the major focus on reaching this goals. After changing the business model from a corporate driven to a customer driven business model we need to align exactly this and think here out of the box.


This is the big picture all the methods and things needs to be fit in. Most important here is, that the vision must be stable in time and the strategy adoptable while the customer success (and with this his experience) have to grow. If we do so we will have gained Value, Emotion and Adventure !!

To be agile and really change things the mentioned methods are helpful and…

If we combine this acting with logic, authenticity and empathy we gain trust which gives the final boost.

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