Tag: Vision

The X Principle within Transformation

Do you see the X within transformation? Often we talk about digital transformation… which is not about digital, it’s about transformation. This transformation means not just using digital tools & channels, it means changing the entire business… and this in direction to the customer and his experiences with our products / services.

Success Pillars of Transformation

We talk about so many new things in business, everyday. It looks like everything is changing. This results in huge problems. We have learned the way to work and do business for so many years and have had success with it. Why should this be wrong now? Will this work in future?

The Series: Trust as the foundation for interaction

Trust is the key element to build an experience which must be premium, connected and personalized… and it is based on logic, authenticity and empathy. We interact with our customers through marketing, client services, products & services and more. What do you think is the most important common ground you should focus on? Is it the common message, the strategy, the right placement (time, place person) or… ?

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