Success Pillars of Transformation

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We talk about so many new things in business, everyday. It looks like everything is changing. This results in huge problems. We have learned the way to work and do business for so many years and have had success with it. Why should this be wrong now? Will this work in future?

What are the issues and chances out there? I have named it weakness and power. There are three points on each we need to have a look at.

Within each of us there is a great power but also weakness. This weakness is slowing down our power.

—   makeoverWEAKNESS

—   mindsetWEAKNESS

—   complexityWEAKNESS

makeoverWEAKNESS means that we change things just by the shell, not the core. For an efficient / rigorous change we need to leave our comfort zone.
mindsetWEAKNESS is critical because there ar very less people out with a very broad and visionary mindset like Steve Jobs. We all have visions and great ideas, but we think in our world (more or less).
complexityWEAKNESS means we want to prove everything forehand and want to have a 120% solution. This makes it complex. We often have no real error-culture to just try things and start with 80%

Let’s eliminate this weaknesses with our great power.

—   passionPOWER‌

—   visionPOWER‌

—   wePOWER

passionPOWER is driving us to top performances. It’s about the right environment we have to look at to place and live our passion
visionPOWER is something which often comes out of passionPOWER. Some people like Steve Jobs with the iPhone have big visions, other people have smaller ones for the area they are operating. Without a vision you have nothing to align your strategy to… and this is most important
wePOWER helps us to manage the big challenge of transformation. The we is the only way the transformation which takes place these days can be managed.

To really come to a makeover we need to have look in the different areas like customer corporate or market. What do we need to take care about and what should we avoid? The following picture gives some directions to think about for a transformation mindset.

Transformation Mindset

Time is one thing to highlight here. Everything needs the right timing and the right time.

  • We need to to start things at the right time, but should wait for the right time… If we do so, the right time will never come.
  • Everything needs time… But if we take to much time we will lose the connection to our market and our customer.

Sometimes “quick and dirty” isn’t the wrong choice. We need courage and an error-culture. It’s better to start today with 80% then in one year with 120%.

And now? How to start with transformation? There are great models and processes which helps. We need to be more and more agile. Agile is here not about Scrum and other tools., this are just great tools to help you. First of all the agile mindset is important. This article hopefully has give you some thinking approaches for this..

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