The friction between the customer and the brand

Is it a fight between a brand and the customer? Both have historically different interest and they still exist. Which view do you have? Is it possible to bring both interests together or is the customer so dominant these days that the brand needs to step backward?

We can bring the different interests together in a strategy loop. It’s like classes… on one eye you are looking as a brand on the other as a customer. Some points, like trust and products, are common, other looks like they are conflictive.

loop 1

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Do to the amount of information we collect we now more and more about the customer. So we can use this to fulfill in a second step some brand targets. Amazon for example is so successfully because the portal approach. They offer products, services, information, content,…. it’s an all-in-one approach. The customer has everything what he needs in one place. That’s convenience! With this Amazon differentiate from competitors and build up his brand as a customer brand.

So the first view should be on the customer and the second (or third) view on the brand. If we follow this strict we will see brand goals fulfilled…. not shortly, but on a long-run.

To give an example: Content needs to build to answer questions a customer has regarding his current needs and not just to describe a product.

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