What is your DX strategy?

Building a DX strategy is not that easy as you may think. You are doing digital, you have a strategy and you know that the customer focus is most important? Great! ….but let’s look behind.

Experience is all about understanding the customer. This is the reason why the Customer Experience (#CX) is mainly digital driven. Here we have most data and information, here we can interact in both directions. But… it’s not only digital, we need to bring offline marketing and non-marketing data together to gain the full understanding. Then it’s about an interaction we need to start. Marketing is much more than just advertising and just a one way communication.

- What is your DX strategy?: Building a DX strategy is not that easy as you may think. You are doing digital, you have a strategy and you know that the customer focus is most important? Great! ....but let's look behind.

So how can we do this interaction?
A brand is typically clapping on his own shoulders and saying “we are the best, we have the best products”. But do you have the best product for Mr. X to solve his current pains and needs? You need to discover this and you need to get Mr. X start talking to you.

We need to be where Mr. X is. Within social we have Facebook for example for B2C and LinkedIn for B2B. Here we can read what he is talking, thinking and sharing about. We can understand what is him moving and whom does he trust. Finding this influencer is, beside the information we are collecting about Mr. X, the second key element within the DX strategy. But is social the right channel to place our messages? Partly yes and partly no. For a quick snapshot or a reminder it’s great, but messages passing by quickly within this channels and can slip through very easy.

You build the power of a DX strategy if you know where your customer is and find his way to interact in both directions on multiple channels. It’s not needed that you combine all channels for the interaction (but maybe close to all for information gathering). You need to make sure that important things (important for him) does not get lost.
E-Mail marketing is an old channel with less changes the last years, it’s a robust channel. A channel where you have the consent (opt-in) from a user which is highly important in times of GDPR. E-Mail marketing is much more than just a newsletter once a week. Sent out a newsletter in a way that it looks like a private mail and place it just at this time someone needs something. This can be three times in one week and then for 5 weeks nothing. The different between a newsletter and a “private” mail should be the feeling that the user get. He should think that this is really tailored for him in direction of the content of the mail and that  he can answer to this mail and gets a reply by a real person. On Facebook you have your page and a social team which answers customer messages and postings…. so include e-mail in their communication channel.

So here are my 5 cent for an example DX strategy.

It’s not always Search and Display…. This are one way channels. What we need are interaction channels:

  • E-Mail
  • Messenger
  • Social
  • Influencer

Let’s grab this channels, they are great to combine.  Messenger are similar to E-Mail but have a great power. Newsletter you get much, but Messenger have more attention. Messenger & E-Mail are close together and Social & Influencer as well. So finally you have to combine just 2 channels  (with one variant of each).

For all what you do you need the right content, own content and third party content (which has more trust). You will use channels but you shouldn’t think in channels, think in interactions. Set your KPIs in direction of how much interactions you have, how long an interaction is, how quick you can solve needs, how much influencer you have, the number of follower /people they reach out and much more in this direction. Don’t think in open and click rates, this are channel KPIs. So combine the channel teams within marketing in a content and an interaction team.

Read more at: https://esser.me/what-is-a-cx-methodology-and-a-cx-strategy/

By the way… get in interaction and tell me your thoughts. Use the comment function or send me a private message (you can use the contact form).

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