Agile Transformation is not…

change transformation

….about Scrum, Kanban or other. This are very good methods which helps to do the transformation. So they are the means for the purpose.

The best scrum method doesn’t help if we do not have the right mindset and if we are not willing to really change fundamental things.

However, within a company maybe 1/3 have the agile mindset and thinking, another 1/3 understand it and the last 1/3 don’t understand it at all and think this is just a modern nonsense. For those people who have not these agile mindset in there heart, these methods are really helpful in the day-2-day business.

These days #CX is driving everything. We talk about many buzzwords like AI, influencer and much more, but this are just ‘things’ we use and is not changing the core. Influencer, for example, are just another channel to convince someone. This is again channel thinking and not the transformation behind CX. This is just rigid translation.

Agile transformation requires…

  • Vision
  • People
  • Mindset
  • Willingness for change
  • Readiness for change
  • Power for change
  • Team thinking

Successful will an agile transformation if it takes place in the entire company, not only within IT.

To be agile we need to be innovative. If we are not innovative, we can keep working the old way like the last 50 years.

Is voice for example innovative just because it is not that used like it could be? I think no. It is just a channel and, by the way, not a new. Combining voice with x, y and z to something new can be innovative. Then it is part of something really big which haven’t build in this way before.

If we talk about agile transformation we talk about change. We need change management first and then agile methods. First means, that we must have a change management in place long before we start agile in our company. It doesn’t make sense to implement both at the same time. Change management needs much time to prepare agile!

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