The symbiosis of Customer Experience and Performance Marketing


Different camps are talking on different things and on different levels. Customer Experience is the buzzword these days… In reality we need all camps and can’t let some drop out.

People are preaching for their camp, doesn’t matter if it’s e-mail marketing, social, mobile or other things like artificial intelligence. They have good reasons why their camp is a must have and most important. But does customers think in camps or silos?

old performance marketing

This is the typical old way doing performance marketing… and yes, performance marketing is still very important! A persons comes trough a banner and transforms to an lead and / or an order. Later, the same person goes the same way and for marketing this same person is like a new person, they don’t realize that this person was there before.

Dou you think this is a way to reach trust and authenticity?

Ok, for sure you say now, that you are doing it better, You are doing re-targeting and other things. You do have customer profiles. But on which level are you doing it?
In this simplified case the person just think that you want to “sell” something because you don’t catch him by his personal needs. What we need is a combined and integrated approach. Every interaction with a person, direct or indirectly, needs to fill the experience layer we need to build up for every single person

Therefore we need to re-think our entire way of interacting with prospects and clients… with all people. We need to change the core of our doing and need an agile mindset first and agile systems second.

Performance marketing is a great starting point. This is often a must in our business and we can’t through it away because it is not customer centric. Making performance marketing customer centric isn’t that difficult, we just need to combine different things and show that we listen, understand and learn. This three points everyone will realize and they generate a great feeling. The feeling which is the first step to listen to you and develop trust into you and your brand.

Let’s build the city of authenticity!

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