The misuse of content

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While living in times of talking about customer experience, publishing houses still think in reach and selling their content through paywalls ord other models, but is this cleverly?

Reading this post you think for sure that this is boring old stuff…. but it is frightening that there is still a need to talk about it. Everyone knows it, but most doesn’t change it. So we can’t mention it often enough.

Business is changing and sticking in old principle is dangerous.It isn’t bad what was done the last 20, 30 or 50 years. Customer Experience is for example on thing everyone is talking about while it is not new at all. New is the way to do it, the way to understand the customer and that we can interact more and more with him instead of just doing a communication in one direction.

Content is no oil, but data is is the new oil… while content is the pump which brings up the oil and empowers the data.

Instead of hiding the valuable content we should spread it out. Content is valuable because people are interested in something or have a need or a pain. Therefore they need information. Delivering information is the start of the interaction journey. On this journey they generate data, data which can be used to understand and predict things. This data have the potential to generate much more data than each paywall.

Isn’t it good to let go the past and having the chance to use the brilliant content in the new world?

Let’s sum it up…

  • Content must be for free at all
  • Content doesn’t generate money
  • Content must be as much as possible independent to generate trust and start an interaction journey
  • Content is one of the big keys for CX

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