The world is changing – The change in interacting


WOW… Have we ever seen something like what happens now in modern time? Stay calm and adopt your business to stay healthy and save.

In times of customer experience I don’t get tired to say that channel thinking is nonsense. Customer don’t care about the channel, they care about their interest, need and pain. Here we need to start in communication and also the entire interaction.

Shops are closed in many countries around the world, companies are insecure about their business and customer / consumer are scared about what happens and about the future.

This is the right time to help, win trust and build a great customer experience.

Offline shops are switching more and more to e-commerce because they must. For the future they will go both ways and solve with this their issues they have had in the past where they had been shouting against the online shops.

The direction, the decision for e-commerce is clear, to start e-commerce can be easy but isn’t easy for many.

Restaurants can offer meals to-go and offer home delivery. Companies working more and more remote and see that this is working (after a few issues the first days). It isn’t required to meet everyday in the office. Maybe this is a chance for our nature and public transport system if we are going only every second day into the office in future. Thee nee for office space will be reduced and we have more space in cities for apartments!?

But what should we do today?

There are people out there who understand customer experience, marketing communication and how to act. Lateral thinker who can help you with great ideas to adopt on the current situation.

Get this help and use your chance to win these days.

For sure everyone is asking what he should do now… but for sue most of us have ideas. Get the right people around you to bring this ideas to life.

Business isn’t any longer than yesterday. Step back is definitely the wrong way! It doesn’t matter if you have to change your business or if you can help others. There is a lot to do. Let’s do it together!

Let’s talk. You can reach me here.

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