Why the #CustomerJourney has very less to do with #CX


What is jour definition of the #CustomerJourney? What is the role of the Cusomer joruney within #Custome Eexperience?

#CustomerExperience is the individual experience someone has with your brand… and that takes place everywhere, means in marketing an non-marketing. It takes place through all in-house and all external touch points (like events, fiends etc.) and is an individual perception which has nothing to do with the path. It doesn’t matter in which step of the #CustomerJourney someone is for his experience. Maybe some is for years just in the interest phase, but his experience is changing through talking with friends about your products, reading test and blog post, visiting you at an event, etc.

Typically a journey consist out of these steps:

customer journey

#CustomerJourney is a process and the point where someone is in his path (under his way / in his development) to purchase for example. It is not a perception what a experience is more to be.

For me, #CustomerJourney is:

  • Channel thinking by marketers
  • Drawer thinking
  • Sales driven
  • Mostly linear, has less flexibility and individuality

So why do we talk about #CustomerJourney? Customer journey mapping helps sales and marketing to place their content… but this is not #CX. We need to place the customer in the middle and focus on his thinking, his perception and his interests, pains and needs.

It is like in the picture above… the #CustomerJourney is the road, the #CustomerExperience is the surrounding, the sun in this example. The experience is independent from the journey and vice versa.

#CustomerExperience and #CustomerJourney exist side by side, but they are two entire different things.

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