Let’s talk

Let's talk

We are dealing with(in) strange times. Everyone is talking about the new normal… but what does this mean? It is not just how we work and the #NewWork hype. Already last year (or maybe longer) many of us have had the feeling that things are changing.

This change is not driven by Corona / Covid-19. Corona just uncovers things we know since longer and is pushing it. So let’s stop talking about this pandemic and talk about business.

The customer is a key driver these days. It’s is not just about customer experience. What we need is to switch off our corporate classes and bring together the brand and the customer. It doesn’t matter in which industry we are operating, focussing on change is important as well as speed. Sales, marketing and support are often the departments with the most fearful contact to the customer. While sales and support are dealing more short term, marketing is also acting mid- and long-term.

We can’t hire a consulting company who is changing things from outside. The best change is coming from inside. Have a look who in person has the right mindset, doesn’t matter in which department. This person needs support, your support.

Personally, right now I’m acting as an external marketing person who is also driving change. This is limited, based on he fact that I’m external. If you want to drive change and growth within your company on a mid- or long-term base, let’s talk.

If we have the same mindset, understanding and direction I’m happy to join you (permanent employment).

To get more about myself and my background see https://esser.me/leading-by-vision

Let’s talk !

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