Experiences in times of crisis counts!


It is not the time for marketing as usual, it is time for communication!

….and we see great examples coming up every day!

Be transparent, be open, talk about your issues and pains and understand your clients. Ask for help and offer help or just say thank you! Be more active than ever, so double or triple your communication efforts.

Trust is important and the current situation requires openness, clearness and that we generate a we! Put your clients / prospects into the boat, listen to them and do whatever you can… They will reward it now or later on. If you do so, you will win trust, loyalty and a long-term relationship which will never break.

Our prime minister in Bavaria talks about that the current situation is a “character test”. It’s also the time that we show what customer experience means!

For everyone of us things change, also for me. I’m in application processes and projects which are paused currently while other things move forward. I don’t know how things will develop. If I can help you, please let me know. If you just want to exchange, please let me know. …and if you… let me know!


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