artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a big hype and everyone is talking about AI as naming everything as AI. But is this right?

We have intelligent systems, but this are just following rules. An AI system is a self learning system. With this definition many AI systems are not really AI systems.

The big nonsense about AI is, that we are implementing it before doing our homework first.

We have disrupted systems and many data silos. Often we don’t really know how many data silos we have. Each department does not know which they have and the company as a hole is completely blank if you ask them.

Without data an AI system will be stupid. So to say a company with 20 data silos who are bringing 15 together and make them usable without AI will have a much more intelligent system than another similar company who is using just 5 out of the 20 data silos with AI.

It’s as simple as this… Doing homework before jumping on each hype. Read more about this on my other post:

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