Agility in Times of Transformation

Doesn’t matter in which context.. Transformation is difficult for ourself and to do in established environments.

Have you ever tried to transform yourself? Have you ever tried to transform business processes, structures, thinking, etc.?

“That’s to far away from what we are doing right now” is often the answer, even if it’s clear that this is the must have direction for the other side.

How do we need to encounter such reactions? Do we need the so called “business agility” and a different mindset? How do we enable this? See one of my other post which is about agility methods and the “Combined Growth-Hacking Loop”:

Reading this previous article I think if this it to much bits and bytes. Sure, this methods are the process which is working bottom up…. but don’t we need a bigger understanding and change? If we go through this methods without change something fundamentally it takes to long and the success will be small. Should we think in small steps or bigger milestones we want to go? Are we missing the foresight or do we have this but don’t have a good feeling if we dig into this foresight?

Sometimes I ask myself if this is a cultural thing. We stick in old / traditional things and have less courage to something new or to do it short-term. We need to proof everything and we think to much about the risk. Comparing Germany and the USA it’s about “Bulletproof” vs. “Quick and Dirty”.

Are we missing an error-culture to be more courageous?

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