Channel (Multi, Omni or Cross)

Multi-Channel, Omni-Channel and Cross-Channel are some of the most confusing topics.

Some people are talking about multi-channel and meaning the same as others understand under cross-channel. In the time of digital transformation & customer experience, cross-channel is the only direction for me and there is no excuse for the other ones. Think it is a very important point to make sure to talk about the same.

Let’s have a look at the wording:

  • Multi means more than one
  • Omni means all
  • Cross means between so connect all

Here is my differentiation of these 3 topics…


For sure many use Omni-Cannel for what is described under Cross-Channel, but if we look at the bullet list above we see the meaning of the 3 prefixes. This was the result to use it this way…

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