Customer Conversion Strategy… the Transformation Framework


Do you know what a CSS is? CSS is well known as “cascading style sheet” and defines the look & feel of a website. But what has CSS to do with #CX, #Strategy and #Change?

CSS is a language which describes how html and other elements should be displayed. You can change all or some of the elements… if the style sheet is the same it will always fit together. So the CSS is the framework  of a website.

It’s such a framework we need in our company. I call it the Corporate CSS, the Customer Conversion Strategy.

So what are the elements of such a CSS?



Find the right internal stakeholder in ALL departments

Cultural changes are key. Implement a culture which is open for changes in direction of processes and structures

Re-think thinking! Corporate and stakeholder goals needs to come after the customer. First think about what the customer needs, how he acts with you (and not you with him)




Build Vision, Mission, Values and the Methodology Framework

Create first strategic projects who drives this framework

Success starts here… Define KPIs and goals (different level /milestones) for each strategic project




Define resources and timings

Define responsibilities (OKRs – Objectives and Key Results)




Customer goals – short-term



Corporate goals (non-commercial) – short & long-term

Corporate goals (commercial) – short & long-term


This sounds easy but it is not just the next project. It needs attention, time and the right vision behind all steps. Marketing is a key player here but they need all others to understand the customers and interact the right way with them. Interaction means here that it is a communication in 2 directions…. Company >>> Customer AND Customer >>> Company. The company communicates through marketing, products and services, the customer communicates through  the support and the information /data he leaves online and offline.

How to start now? First of all think about these 3 questions?

First Question:What do you want to solve for your customer?
Second Question:What do you need to change? What must your internal setup to do so? …and how far are you willing to leave old things behind you?
Third Question:Who (internal and mainly external) can help you to do fundamental changes?

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