No, this is not… This is you and your business growing

- No, this is not... This is you and your business growing: It’s time to reinvent sales and marketing What do we need to unlock the market power of the moment?

It’s your decision how this curve will look like. Even if it’s your decision, it’s not only your doing. Power comes out of exchange and the right people around you. However, the curve needs time to develop before the exponential growth makes fun.

This article is starting very theoretical, not concrete… maybe you think this are platitudes. Right, there are some and also there are things which are clear and no rocket science. As you may know reading my other article, having the holistic view is very important for me. However, I try to build the bridge to the concrete points what to do to generate growth. Let yourself be surprised!

Let’s have a look behind

Behind the edge, there is so much… ideas, possibilities, chances, homework, etc. So why not lifting up and discover the edge?


Sometimes fear is blocking us to look behind. But what is fear?

“Fear is an emotion induced by perceived danger or threat, which causes physiological changes and ultimately behavioural changes, such as fleeing, hiding, or freezing from perceived traumatic events. Fear in human beings may occur in response to a certain stimulus occurring in the present, or in anticipation or expectation of a future threat perceived as a risk to oneself. The fear response arises from the perception of danger leading to confrontation with or escape from/avoiding the threat (also known as the fight-or-flight response), which in extreme cases of fear can be a freeze response or paralysis.” 1)

Why Fear

So behind we see what we have to change and change means that we don’t know how things will be in future. We can’t calculate them in our mind…. and this is a risk. On the other hand, fear is great, it makes us carefully. Most important is that we combine fear with courage and the possibility to think out of the box and jump over your own shadow.

Fear can be great if we have others to talk about it and exchange. We need different people here, someone to talk about our personal emotions and some(one) to talk about the topic before and behind the edge. So, fear can bring us to a point where we are overwhelmed and with this it is pushing us to ask for help and exchange.

Power & Growth out of Fear

If we deal with fear properly, we gain power out of ourself and out of exchange and collaboration.

Adopt or die

When we have left the fear behind us, we see the chances behind the edge as challenges. When we adopt,ourself we will grow and leave – in business – our competitor behind us.

It’s time to reinvent sales and marketing – Let’s start!


Re-ask for yourself everything…. every approach and every structure. We life in a time where first of all our self counts. Does this generate other to listen to you? The most important change is “the other first, you second”. Sounds easy or you are doing this already? Great… so in everything we need to ask: How does this help the other?

Business Model

If we talk about business model we first think about the corporate model. There is also a model in sales ad in marketing with a different strategy behind. Are all these models aligned with our (new) mindset?


We want to growth… and often the system we are in says “grow or die”. With the new mindset and approach, we help our customers and prospects to grow and to make this accountable. Vision and strategy are great, but the success comes from transforming and doing. Therefore, we all need to work hand in hand.


Happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it.

Sure, a calendar saying… But there is many truth in. Together we are strong. To grow it is important to bring market insights, customer / prospect insight, technology and all stakeholder together. Growth starts with understanding and ends with helping. To do so we need technology.

We can ride a bike and do training every day. We get better and better, faster and faster, but we never get the speed and power of a racing car. Decide which one you like for locomotion. Sure, there are reasons for both, but for a long distance I’m sure that I know your decision.

Own Power

Where do you get your personal power from? Where is your team / company getting power from? Is it possible to do everything by your own or does other out of your cosmos is accelerating your own power?

If we look into companies, we see a huge power and motivation. Also, we see often things blocking the power and motivation. Some weeks ago, I listened to a people leader talking with HR about a (not named) team member of the people leader. Both agreed that the person is missing intrinsic motivation and it is not the role of the people leader to motivate the person.
While I know the people leader and the company, I know that there is a lot demotivation from them.

Unlocking the power of our self and others – as well as bringing the power together – is one key to start growth.


While we have great ideas and huge power, we can’t do everything by our self. Ideas are coming up in exchange and it is important to combine the power of generalists and specialists. Maybe we have a huge network of people internally.. great. Including external people brings in an external view which isn’t that bad.

So, what do we need on the different (non-technical and technical) sites?

- No, this is not... This is you and your business growing: It’s time to reinvent sales and marketing What do we need to unlock the market power of the moment?
- No, this is not... This is you and your business growing: It’s time to reinvent sales and marketing What do we need to unlock the market power of the moment?
  • Market Insights
  • Customer Insights
  • Generalist & Specialist
    • Marketing
    • Sales
  • Transformation & Lateral Thinker
  • Networker
  • Partner / Network
- No, this is not... This is you and your business growing: It’s time to reinvent sales and marketing What do we need to unlock the market power of the moment?
  • Systems
  • Data
    • Data Silos
    • Data Usability
  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Transformation

This list is just a starting point, feel free to at topics to this list and then mark this ones you are good at. Which of these can you do by your own because you are good enough and you have enough time for it?

Don’t underestimate the mindset and technology part. Be ready to try things and make mistakes. Don’t blame others if they do mistakes.

The car shows us the areas to work. Most of them are self-explaining. I like to draw the focus on the lights. We see the road where we are, the effect when we start the engine and press the accelerator. Most of the time we do not drive under clear conditions, so the light enables us to look ahead. What enables us in business to look ahead?

Data are information from the past but they also help us to predict things and act better at the moment of time when it comes to be relevant for the customer. Without data, we can only shout out our general brand and some target group messages… but we can’t tailor it to the individual person at the moment of time.

Often, we have 20 data silos in a company, while 15 are only know and less than 10 are used. Also, there are maybe some more which are useful to integrate. Instead of blasting marketing money out with the hope to be relevant at the right moment it’s much more target-orientated to invest in understanding and automation. Everything else is just a try and error approach. Today we do not need any longer this try and error approach.

Bring together the strategy, tactic and operational power in all thess topics to generate a power which has never been seen. The world is changing and the ones who are first will be the winner and be overrun by the possibilities.

Hope you got a feeling what it means to make growth accountable instead of just wasting marketing budget with the hope to win something. If you need help, let’s talk and…

Let’s start moving !


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