The stacks behind all the buzzwords

2019 is still progressing. We have much buzzwords flying around. They all have a right to exist, but what are the success factors behind? Here are the stacks which are most important to focus on.

Do you see the stacks? I’m sure you have heard about them, I have written several times in different directions about them. It’s Customer Experience and Business Agility.

We are pushing one cow after the other through the town while we need, beside the strategy, a real vision behind as well as the right environment to generate success out of it.

Do we want to be a parrot who is just repeating what others say or do we want to be an innovator? Everyone can be everything. Someone can be an innovator like Steve Jobs who brought out the smartphone, others are innovators in there niche. To be innovative in big things we need to be innovative in small things first and build bigger things step by step.

Sure we have a vision, but the strategy can change, so we don’t know the final way right now.

Read my differentiation between vision, mission, values and strategy…

Our vision needs to be aligned on the customer. We need to give him the right feeling, the appreciation through all stages of interaction. This requires a different approach of working. Department borders needs to be teared down and we need to adopt on fast changing customer interests, needs and pains. We need to adopt on new ways of interactions, on new technologies and a new “thinking”.

For decades we have done the business like we have learned it. In marketing we have learned the 4 P’s. Sure, the topics behind the 4 P’s still exist, but they are not leading any more, they are integrated / behind other leading topics.

The transformation we are going through is huge and one thing is clear… it’s a transformation which will never stop!

Never stop? Hold on and think about it. It is a transformation which never stops and growth on speed. That’s why we need to be flexible and agile. Agility not in the context of Scrum or Canban (this ar just the tools to bring it into the organization).
What we need is an agile mindset, agile products, agile interaction (communication), agile business models, agile…. So we are taking about a business agility which is able to change the core of the core of everything. This does not mean that we must change everything, but we need to request everything and change it if it makes sense.Therefore we need to throw away blinkers and be a lateral thinker.

If this is done, and only then, we can start diving into all the buzzwords like AI, Voice, Influencer and many others. Then we know how to use them, then we use them not because of their own magnificence… we will use them in the right context to reach our vision and as an integrated “tool”.

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