Everything is in change…

Turn around… What do you see? Turn back and look forward. Are you open minded and really want to change things? Changing things for you and also things within your market?

Digital is always changing. If you do things like two or more years before and you are happy with the results ok, but there is such a huge potential within digital and the digital transformation / IoT. It requires change in all areas of operating.

Digital Transformation is change in every pore of you and your business. It’s about…

…the change about media:

The Change in Media

Communication and interaction with clients, user, prospects, etc. is changing. Media agencies which will keep focusing on awareness will die, they need to change themself from a media awareness agency to a media content agency.

…the change about you (as a marketer):

The Change of the Marketer

The result of the change of interacting and communication with clients, prospects and / or user is a total different profile of a marketer in future.

…and the change of the entire communication.

Communication 2025

Everything is in change. Everyone is shouting out buzzwords like Digital Transformation, User Experience, Customer Centric, IoT and many other. We are talking about Performance Marketing, Data Driven Marketing and Social Media…. but do we really understand the big picture?

…an overall change process:

Start a Digital Transformation Project: Change Management

Digital Transformation and IoT is changing the world. Consumer adopting very quickly to new technology. Just look at the smartphones and how we use them today. It is not long ago that we hast had mobile phone for calling.

…but – most important – don’t forget to build the right Customer Experience:

Customer Experience and the VEA Principle

Customer Experience (CX) is one of the top buzz words these days. It is changing the roles in the role game. The customer is leading. Companies needs to be customer centric and build a great Customer Experience, otherwise they will fail.


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Customer Experience & Digital Transformation