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YES! We have new buzzwords to talk about. While Native Advertising isn’t that new, just newly hyped, Goodvertising is a relative new buzzword.

I’m sure you have heard of it, but do you know what it is?

Marketing is much more than advertising, it’s the entire communication. Goodvertising is more a general concept of less and better communication instead of annoying advertising. There is no dedicated way to do so, Goodvertising describes just the approach to do so.

So we need to think about a strategy for ourself to change advertising. Native Advertising is advertising embedded within the or close to the editorial content, it can also be branded content. So Native Advertising can be one way for Goodvertising. Website user are annoyed by to many ads on a site, with Native Advertising there is a chance to get rid of annoying user. Like everywhere it’s about the measure of things. User can quickly lose the trust of the content of a website if there is too much obviously advertising within the content.

There are three areas to re-think, doesn’t matter if you are a publisher or an advertiser.

  1. Less and less annoying advertising. Get rid of annoying formats.
  2. Focus on more and better editorial content, use your own and third party content.
  3. More use of data for programmatic advertising.

If you are a brand like Samsung, don’t talk about the great features of a dedicated product or product range, doesn’t matter where you talk (own or paid channels). Talk about technology in general and link to external independent content. If there is a new technology raising up for TVs and you are one of the key players offering this technology find non-branded websites which are entirely independent and well accepted in the market. Make sure your target group is reading this content, earlier or later they will reach out to you.

Now you have the trust, the next step is to find the right words and the right content at the right time of the customer buying phase. Think here to communicate on a 1:1 base and not with the old 1:many approach. Therefor you need a “Real-Time Communication” approach and the right flexible (atomized) content. Try to get content from big publishing houses and the most important websites in your industry licensed and can use this. Make sure you use it not as your content, highlight the source every time to make sure user trust this content.

Simply spoken Native Advertising and Goodvertising is around Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and 1:1 communication. It should be very much data driven to understand the user and predict his next step(s) It’s a non aggressive customer centric approach and, within media, a change from awareness campaigns to trust campaigns.

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