Transformation: Enabling Change and We

Placing something new about old thinking, processes, structures,.. is no real change. Today I got a very good wording for it. “This is not transformation, this is just translation” (Thanks Steve for this great definition).

This is a common problem we have often in companies. Everyone is talking about digital transformation and focus on the digital part, not the transformation.

Real transformation requires a change mindset, a visionary thinking and understanding the big picture. Thinking and acting must be inline. This is what we need to implement into the organization. Sure, not everyone understand the big picture… therefore we have tools to make sure he is always allinged to the big picture and understand his part in it.

We talk about customer experience…. Here again thanks to Steve, we need to enable a employee experience!

We need to eliminate blocking points. This can be:

  • Corporate goals within the employees contract instead of customer goals
  • Indivitual goals instead of team goals or better cross-team goals
  • Payment splitted in fix and ote. Better pay always 100% and give an additional bonus for everyone measured on the overall company success
  • Leading people by preasure vs. leading people by mottivation

Customer experience is a cross-department thing and requires everyone in a company. It requires to think about structures like sales, marketing or product. Maybe customer, content and analytics will be better. I’m sure in some years we do not have sales and marketing departments for example… but this is a vision and a long way to go. A way we need to start step by today because it really takes time!

Transformation needs to create a smiling in every once face, no ensure folds!

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