Changing the Driver Seat


Do you know the difference between this both pictures? What is your differentiation mapping this with your business?

Let’s have a look at the left picture… We see different sailing boats. Each one stand for a topic we are driving in our business today. We change the sails, the sail position, we change the direction… but what else can we change? Through bigger sails we can change speed, but this we can do very limited. Also the lake limits us, at the end of the lake we need to change the direction.

Let’s have a look at the right picture… Instead of sailing boats we see sailing ships with much more possibilities to change sails. They are sailing on the see instead of a small lake, so they don’t need to change direction shortly.

Let’s step into marketing.. We are working great in many directions and optimize everything everyday. This is the left picture. We can optimize campaign performance (changing driving direction), optimize our marketing cloud system (changing sails) and generate growth. GREAT !! But we are limited by the size of the boat and the size of the lake.

What we need is to place our marketing doing (and systems) in the right context. First of all we need to bring our small boat from a lake to the see and then we can start changing the boat to a big ship… step by step.

Often we talk about how to optimize marketing operations. This is very important if we have a sail race on a lake. Therefore we need every bits & bytes. Also if we are on the see we need the bits & byte, but here everything is bigger and the bits & bytes are less important.
Talking about the bits & bytes of optimizing marketing operations left us out the possibility to change the driver seat, to change from the left to the right picture.

Again, the bits & bytes of operational marketing are very important on both sides of the picture, but le’s combine them with placing them into the right context.

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