The change of the marketer

The result of the change of interacting and communication with clients, prospects and / or user is a total different profile of a marketer in future.

How communication could look like in 2025 you can see here.

The marketer will be the trusted advisor who will not post advertising any more. He will post on a 1:1 base the right content for you. Content from his company or, much better, external and independent content which is relevant for you right now. With this we will not talk anymore about annoying ads we like to block with an ad-blocker. We will not see any more products we have searched for once for weeks following us on every website.

The independent content is a great chance for publishing houses if they open their content for brand to use for their communication. It’s not content marketing, it’s about giving the right information at the right time to the right person… doesn’t mater on which online or offline channel. The right information can be content, but also price, reviews, recommendations from other user, etc.

Be the marketer who is connected, be the networker and always the trusted advisor.

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