Circle of Modern Transformation

End-to-End approach instead of silo or channel thinking. Transformation requires courage and the right people in-house. We are playing in silos which is still working for now… but how long will this last?

There are many paths we need to have a look at. Agency vs. Business Consulting… The path from vision over strategy up to implementation. The path from marketing to sales up to the customer. The path….

Here’s my circle of modern transformation…

Modern Transformation Circle

These six areas needs to be in focus while there are much more in a company. For sure you will miss things like sales / revenue in it, but this are not important for the moment or the other way they are blocking our transformation mindset.

For all of this six topics you will find a lot here in my personal posts under
Have fun reading it and reach out to me if you need help, doesn’t matter in which direction.

Let’s talk !

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