How leaders help building up and expanding business

- How leaders help building up and expanding business: What makes a leader a true leader, what are the elements of such a person and what is his impact in business? Get the answers...

Building up & expanding business is not primarily about sales, marketing or product management. It requires much more to be successful.

There are leaders and leaders. Both lead business and people but just a small part of them are true leader. What makes a leader a true leader? Think about which people comes to your mind. This can pe public know people or people you are interacting with.

>>> The Elements <<<

1) Passion & Power

Passion and power are things which infects others. Leaders need to be the one others pay attention when they enter a room or a discussion because they have a high respect and honor about their mind.

2) Focussing on own ideas

With this passion a true leader is often a though leader, someone who shares his own ideas instead of things he has learned from others. It is not only about having own ideas and visions, it’s also about sharing and start the conversation about them. Though leader are sharing knowledge instead of (their) products, they don’t “sell” something. Their motivation is their passion for their topics.

3) Charisma

While having great ideas and visions combined with power, it needs charisma to win people instead of pushing them back because they think that the ideas and vision sounds arrogant. Openness, honesty and empathy are key to build charisma. If this will be combined with logic and loyalty the leader will be a trusted and charismatic leader.

4) Absolute Willingness

Leaders have the true willingness to change and move things forward. They believe in them self and their idea(s) without being snooty, arrogant or narcissistic. They are always open to discuss their ideas and adopt things from others to drive things forward without having politics, own conditions or other things in mind. They bring their vision and ideas on the road, even if others don’t believe that this could be possible.

>>> The Impact <<<

I’m sure you see the impact such a leader could have.

Often we have great people out there with great ideas and visions. Everyone of us know one of them! Less of them have the right surrounding and setting. We need to identify and support them instead of being scared of their success and being a “risk” for ourself.

Having such a leader in your organization is a win. If there is no one present, there is often someone in the background with the potential for it.

Such a person will place the company as a core element in their market and revolutionize the market without selling something. So, with such a person sales and marketing just need to go out and reap what this person has sown and earned.

This person can be a c-level executive in your company, but also an ambassador or similar. If he is not a c-level, than he could be an independent person with no business goals revenue, leads or something. He is not placed in sales, marketing, product management or so. He is free in acting, not goal driven and just focussed on the topics he stays for. With this he helps sales, marketing, product management, clients and is just one who plays the drums in the market by being present through his online and offline activities with his voice, his mind and his own ideas.

The impact he has is very simple, it’s just one word… TRUST

Trust has a huge power, could be difficult and simple at the same time and helps much more than every marketing activity or sales technic.

Trust is based on logic, loyalty and empathy. If you like to proceed in this topic, I have written an entire series…

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