Near-Time Advertising (NTA), the better way to do Programatic Advertising?

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) is in the whole world. Everyone is talking about it and it’s the basic “technology” for Programmatic Advertising, Real-Time Advertising (RTA) or however you call it.
The question is if we really need real-time!?

Let’s look back. Before RTB it was a massive workload to place and change campaigns. With RTB we got the interface to automate processes. That is a big benefit. Beside the automation the second benefit is to bargain the price.  RTB is for me nothing more than this 2 points. If we go further we are talking about RTA which means integrating data to optimize the campaigns and target groups. This is advertising.

The question I ask myself is always if we really need real-time? If we talk about re-targeting it’s great, but also not a must. The more we know about a user helps us to optimize a campaign and placement. If we merge data and do a predictive analysis once at night we have much more knowledge to optimize. If our campaigns are based on audiences and not on 1:1 communication we should do near-time advertising instead of real-time advertising.

For sure, the future is 1:1 communication and everyone talks about it these days, but who is doing this really on a higher (cross-channel) level? If we analyse data and can predict that someone (a cookie) will by a TV within the next 30 days, then it makes sense to do real-time to place the right content at the right time exactly for this person in this moment he comes up in a channel (social, display, search, etc.). If we don’t do so it makes more sense to use and analyse data instead of being fast. So think more about integrating data, BI and predictive modelling if you are doing programatic advertising. Leave real-time as a second priority and focus on Near-Time Advertising (NTA).


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