Digital Marketing: Stop talking about…

Stop talking about Marketing if you mean just Advertising

…and think about Communication. This is everything like content, PR, social, advertising and much more. It’s user / customer centric. Advertising is you centric. It focus on selling your products to someone instead of being the trusted advisor for your target group who delivers what they need (on a 1:1 base).  Everyone is annoyed about advertising. Ad-Blocker are up-to-date like never before and still standard within a new browser installation. User are annoyed to get advertising for one product for 3 weeks just because they have had shortly looked at this product once. This is advertising spam… we call it re-targeting today. This must be change… change from advertising to communication.  >> Read more: “Communication 2025


Stop talking about Programmatic Advertising, Real-Time Marketing or Real-Time Bidding

…these are just technologies to make YOUR live better, not the live of your target group, user or clients. Use this technology if you are able to predict what they need. What is the next step of each single user / client? Because I have read about 3D technology in a TV I do not want to see this for the next 3 weeks on every webpage. I’m already done with reading about the technology. Meanwhile I’m in a totally different phase. I have focused on one brand, looking for the exact model and best price. So don’t do your communication based on the past of your user, do it based on the future. To predict this you need first of all data. Have you already thought about what data means?  >> Read more: “Start a Digital (Transformation) Project: Data

Stop talking about (product) recommendations

…it’s not only products you should “recommend”. Recommend the right information at the right time and right place. Product and content recommendations are 95% based on similar keywords, what other users have seen or bought. This means recommendations are using simple data out of the past. Recommendations must be use predictive technology in future. >> Read more: “The future of recommendations


Stop talking about Digital Transformation and IoT

…do you really know what this means? It’s about customer centric and how you build yourself around them with the right products, services and processes. Stop talking only about theory and start build the first projects to get the vision done. Do you know what’s needed to do so? >> Read more: “Digital Transformation: Road Work Next 5 Miles

Stop talking about Conversion Rates

….Conversion Rates, like we use them today, are your targets. They give you a picture how well you have performed with what you did in the past. For a digital marketer conversion numbers are key. That’s how it is learned to control and steer business for many years.  Business and user are changing, so you think conversion numbers should be your focus in future? >>  Read more: “Do you still think about conversion rates?

So think about really changing something within your company. Set the right customer targets for everyone in your company and throw away company targets.

It’s difficult to change everything at once. Think about the big picture and how you can split this in 10, 20,… 100 projects. Within each of this projects do 80% like you did it before and just change 20%. Do this for each following project (the next project just has 80% traditional way in, now do again just 80% traditional and another 20% on a new way).

With this way it will take time, but you will be on the right way to manage this huge change. Place yourself (or someone who understand the vision) in every project team as a trusted advisor who is working hands-on with the project team to make sure each single project is progressing into the right direction.

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