Do you still think about conversion rates?

For a digital marketer conversion numbers are key. That’s how it is learned to control and steer business for many years.

Do you think conversion numbers should be your focus in future?

There are so many conversion numbers  like:

  • number of users
  • average time a user spends on your website
  • average order value
  • etc.
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If we think more advanced we look at one-time buyer, two-time buyer, three-time buyer, etc. …and how long a user needs to be a three-time buyer. Great numbers , but numbers who describes the past success of your website.

Let’s leave this old thinking beside

If you have an online shop keep the success of the shop away from your mind and replace it with the success of your visitors. Try to predict what someone needs before he knows that he needs it. Give him the right information at the right time and the right place with the right service around. Try to reach the status of a trusted advisor for your target group. Make it easy to shop, get product information and evaluations like Amazon is doing it. …but that’s not enough. Right information means not only product details / features and price. If someone is in an early shopping stage he needs more general and not product related information. If you have a travel website offer information about countries and people, if you have a B2B website offer industry knowledge.

Offer what your target group needs. To do so focus, instead of classical webanalytics (which is looking into the past), on BI and predictive. Keep your own goals away… you will see that they will be reached automatic if you only think on your target group needs.

Think about this and leave your notes as a comment!

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