Webanalytics will die

- Webanalytics will die: ***

Marketing is the new sales and data the new marketing!
…but webanalytics vendors like, Google Analytics, IBM, Adobe, Webtrends, Webtrekk or others need to reshape their product. The future of marketing is data driven and combines more then online data.
Webanalytics like we know it today will die and will be integrated or taken over from BI systems.


First off all we need to take a side-step and think about the future of marketing. I believe on performance marketing. Marketing is everything… advertising, content marketing, branding. All this areas can be steered by performance. There are more or less clear goals for content publishing, branding and advertising.

The best marketeer will be this one who know his target group best and use this knowledge for all this marketing areas. To do so it’s all about data, so marketing will be more and more data marketing. This is nothing new, but within the digital area the amount of data and the possibilities are still much higher and will grow massive.

Data Driven Marketing

Data from all marketing channels, online and offline as well as data from systems like SAP and Salesforce (CRM) needs to combined. This is a huge challenge if you have big data and the need of connecting data in real-time. Near-time makes it a little bit easier from a technical point of view. There are two different views:

  • Logical need of data, means you need to define which data are needed in which time-frame to reach your business goals
  • Technical limitations (sometimes just because of support of different service provider who host data)

DMP – Data Management Platform

First of all data needs to be handled and managed. This is the role of an DMP platform.

Business Intelligence

- Webanalytics will die: ***Global analytics in near- and real-time with predictive modelling

1st big benefit against webanalytics is to include own, payed and earned data through all online and offline channels:

  • Owned
  • Payed
  • Earned

2nd big benefit is to do predictive modelling

Marketing & Content Publishing

DSP (Demand Side Platform)


Many of them like Adobe, Google and Webtrekk have strengthen their activities in direction of an DMP platform, others will follow. Finally I see two main solution areas in future:

  • Marketing Software (combined online & offline)
  • BI

Both will include analytics, but with a different approach. For me data analytics and predictive modelling is much moore important than having the beste marketing software. First off all it’s about understanding your customer, then it’s about modelling and predictive. This is the base for data driven marketing… and everything else beside data driven marketing will go away or loose massive on importance.

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