UX, the digital revolution?

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A new buzz-word which is very old is coming up: UX or User Experience

What does this means? What’s behind this and why has it a new importance?
UX is originally coming from software development. Within the digital age it get a much more powerful importance. We need to differentiate between 2 things, on the one side  the experience of your counterpart (client, user, etc.) and on the other side your own experience. So we differentiate between “Digital Experience” and “Digital (Marketing) Maturity”.

Digital Experience
It’s all about the user, how he interacts with your site / content and how he reaches what he needs. Ideally his goals are similar with your goals.

  1. „Customer Audience
  2. „Customer Experience
  3. „Customer Journey
  4. „User Story vs. Use Case
  5. „Lifecycle Management
vergleich Digital (Marketing) Maturity
Gartner[ref]https://www.qualtrics.com/blog/7-steps-to-successful-customer-experience-measurement-programs/[/ref] describes it with: “Are your digital goals and investments aligned with your organization’s level of marketing maturity?”

  1. „Resources
  2. „Programs
  3. „Social
  4. „Mobile
  5. „Data-Driven
  6. „Commerce
  7. „Operations
  8. „Innovation

Is UX a digital revolution?

Simply spoken no! UX lost his importance through the last years, but with the huge amount of data which are available, performance marketing and the user centrix 1:1 communication approach it got a new powerful position.

UX is first of all about data and measurement to understand the user. Forrester[ref]https://www.gartner.com/marketing/about/marketing-maturity-assessment[/ref] names seven steps to lead customer experience measurement success:

  1. Chose Customer Segments
  2. Select Which Experiences To Measure
  3. Pick CX Metrics For Each Experience
  4. Design A Data Collection Strategy
  5. Set Targets For Each CX Metric
  6. Identify And Act ON CX Issues
  7. Share Insight Gained From CX Measurement


This is the first step. But what does this means for marketers? Let’s have a look on which points marketers needs to focus these days:

  • „Gain Insights
  • „Segmentation
  • „Personalization
  • „Lifecycle Development


This chart show on the one axis the “customer focus” which is your focus on your customer and on the other axis the customer focus on you. You can change here the word customer also through user.
The different steps are examples, there are much more steps within each segment. The steps shows the ideal sequence, but not the must have sequence.

There are thousands of articles out about UX with a different focus like design or other things. I do not want to repeat this, I want to set the focus on the direction. For me it’s the data driven lifecycle development of your user / customer.

Let me end this short article with a short statement:

Is Marketing the new Sales and Data the new Marketing?


(Feel free to write your thoughts as a comment.)


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