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Altimeter’s Top Digital Trends for 2019 – Brian Solis

Each year, the Altimeter analyst team predicts digital trends that will have the biggest impact on businesses. In 2019, my colleagues Charlene Li, Omar Ahktar, Susan Etlinger, along with yours truly, share our take on what we see as most important trends to follow. Digital Transformation, Digital Experience, Brand and Innovation: Brian Solis CIOs Become Cross-Functional Business Partners to Accelerate Enterprise-Wide Digital Transformation The “digital” in digital transformation is no longer just about investing in the latest disruptive technology trends….

UX, the digital revolution?

A new buzz-word which is very old is coming up: UX or User Experience What does this means? What’s behind this and why has it a new importance? UX is originally coming from software development. Within the digital age it get a much more powerful importance. We need to differentiate between 2 things, on the […]

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