Update: Is CEM the better CRM? …and is this the end of the evolution?

Customer Centric is one of the key buzzwords these days…. but what’s behind? It’s a cultural change and much more then just CRM (Customer Relationship Management), or better it’s an active CRM approach which is not only reflecting the past. We need to transform our self from CRM over CEM up to CIM.

Everything is in change…

Turn around… What do you see? Turn back and look forward. Are you open minded and really want to change things? Changing things for you and also things within your market?
Digital is always changing. If you do things like two or more years before and you are happy with the results ok, but there is such a huge potential within digital and the digital transformation / IoT. It requires change in all areas of operating. Digital Transformation is change in every pore of you, and your business. It’s about…

Customer Experience & Digital Transformation