What does Digital Transformation mean?

What does Digital Transformation mean?

For sure a philosophical question, but a question we need to ask ourself. So what do we want to transform?

  • Do we want to transform the digital?
  • Do we want digitize the transformation?

Digital Transformation is just a buzzword which makes less sense, that’s why some people say it’s an technical / IT transformation and others a marketing transformation for example.

Finally it’s a transformation of the entire interaction of a company with his target group through…

  • Marketing (Communication, Advertising, etc.)
  • PR
  • Product Management (Product & Services)
  • Customer Services & Support
  • IT

So it is a “Transformation of the entire Interaction” or better “Transformation of the entire Interaction which is driven digital”. Why digital now? What we want to transform in the interaction is the focus on the customer to build a Customer Experience (#CX). To do so, we need to understand him and predict his needs and next steps. For this we need information… and the most information we get through the digital channels, that’s why we shout talk about a…

Digital Driven Interaction Transformation (which is taking place online and offline)

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