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The X Principle within Transformation

Do you see the X within transformation? Often we talk about digital transformation… which is not about digital, it’s about transformation. This transformation means not just using digital tools & channels, it means changing the entire business… and this in direction to the customer and his experiences with our products / services.

Enough is enough!

Everyone is telling you what you have to do and what he is doing is a must and essential. Thousand of buzzwords are flying around, and you need to have the ultimate strategy, because this is part of every talk, every networking event and conference.

Pillars of Success

Culture eats process & strategy for lunch, but without processes & strategy there will be no culture. – There is no either or. We are process and result driven, but that’s not all and shouldn’t be the only focus if we want to change things and grow these days. Just focus on process & strategy is a dead end. The culture should be within the boat.

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