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2020 a chance to do something new

Faster – Higher – Further — The last 10 years have been amazing, especially 2019. Much speed, much change and many buzzwords in the market which are pushing everyone and everything… an amazing race!

Has this race to be continued for 2020 and the following years?

I helped a lot people / companies to start something new…. and now it’s time to do something new for myself. Through the race I learned a lot, now it’s time to use this and build something great out of this broad experiences.

Let’s do something great 2020 !!

Focus for 2020 is to find the right people with a great mindset who want to stop doing business as usual. Doesn’t matter if this are entrepreneurs who want to start something new or people within a company who have the drive to do something different within their job.

Mindset, the right environment and ability to be a lateral thinker is what I’m looking for. Doesn’t matter if this are specialists or generalists. A cross topic / division position to bring in my broad experiences and holistic view.

Let’s orchestrate an entire new orchestra with new and existing kinds of musicians.

I’m open and happy to get in touch with you, doesn’t matter what your plans are. It’s important to be surrounded by the right people, not the right business!!

Reach out to me on LinkedIn or write me a message.

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