Question: Who is your consulting partner in times of Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is in everyone’s mouth. We need to have the right vision, build the right strategy and solve the issues to get it up and running. It’s a question of vision, strategy and operational excellence.

Companies need support in all areas. It’s important to combine the named one and include also the IT, data and software strategy. Companies have different contact points… A consulting company, an agency and a SaaS software solution provider.

Traditional consulting companies are doing the strategic part while agencies are doing the operational site. We see more and more a merge of both sites. Consulting companies offering operational excellence and agencies are trying to do consulting. We will see how the market will develop here.

Now SaaS solution provider join more and more the game and offer consulting services. Compared with consulting companies and agencies they are not independent… but they know their product better than all the other players.

Who is the right one to help them manage the entire setup from vision over strategy to going live and the daily operation?

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