Personalization before Customer Experience

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Customer Experience is about understanding, prediction and taking the right interaction at the right time. It’s about a full service offer and the “platform thinking”. …but what was before the big buzzword #CustomerExperience?

We talked about #Personalization. This isn’t just putting the name in the salutation of an e-mail or re-targeting a user for weeks.

Before we want to build the right customer experience platform we should think about if we have done everything we can do easily in direction of personalization.

  • Personalized start page
  • Product- or content recommendations based on personal needs / interests or current situations like weather
  • Personalized communication through all channels, online and offline
  • Personalization through after sales communication and offerings (directly after the sale, but also days, weeks, month later)
  • “Welcome back” or “Welcome back Sven” message
  • Personalized offers and discounts
  • Setting up a bonus system
  • “Remember” the last session (shopping card etc.) on a webpage not only for a couple of minutes or some hours…. keeps it open for month

Just one example…

Sometimes user placing things in a shopping card as a note list and they take time (weeks / month) to find the right things. It’s winter time right now, but I like mountain biking. On I was looking what else I need next summer like repair tools, clothing, etc. All my ideas I placed in the shopping card once and was surprised month later that this still exist, so I didn’t need to start from scratch. Meanwhile is the starting point for me if I need something for biking.

…this is also personalization! So have we already done this old personalization homework if we talk about #CustomerExperience?

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