What do you change in 2018?

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2017 was a year packed full of buzz-word. 2018 will be the year to sort out and set the course for the future. It’s about the gap bringing the right vision to road .

How do you want to ensure success in a year where the biggest change in communication and interaction needs to take place? Do you have the right people on board? Are you ready to break up habits and go new paths?

The biggest challenge is the challenge of change in minds. It’s needed to rethink the entire way we interact. Customer are the focus! Through the big amount of data which are available we understand customer more and more. Through their data they share with us they get a huge power. If you use this…. great! If you don’t jump on the boat, your competitor will do so.

The most important point is to have the right visionary people with a very broad mindset on board. This is, beside data, the gold in 2018.

How to you want to get this people? How do you get their attention? What makes you interesting for them? #NewWork is one of the buzzwords we have seen 2017. Take it, dig into it and think the other way around how you can get the signature under the contract. It’s not you hiring these kind of people, it’s them joining you. Mostly they think about: “Does this company and this position give me the freedom to evolve myself or is it cutting my possibilities?

  1. First of all it’s about #CustomerCentric & #CustomerExperience
  2. To do so it’s about the people to get on board to build this
  3. THEN it’s about you

What do you want to change in 2018? Please post your comments here. Looking forward for the discussion.

Happy 2018 and good luck!

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