To be, today and tomorrow

- To be, today and tomorrow: We are talking about experiences while thinking about the positive one... while Codid-19 set us back into fear which is a bad experience.

We are talking about experiences while thinking about the positive one… while Codid-19 set us back into fear which is a bad experience.

Fear is a bad motivator. It results in anger and aggression which we see very often these days. Who do you want to be? Someone with fear or someone who grows through difficulties?

The following chart “Where do I want to be” shows some question which gives you an inside where you are at the moment.

Someone is 40 years old. From the view of a 10 years old child, this is very old. If you ask a 70 years old person, this is very young. It is the same with Covid-19, it is just the point of view.

We help our customer to build a great experience while we only react with fear as an own experience if it gets difficult.

Who helps us to win hope and build a great experience? No one, it’s just about our self. For sure we can’t do it alone, so let’s do it together with colleagues and last but not least with our customer. You will get so much gratitude and loyalty if you start helping them. If you are able to help them (maybe for free for the moment) you are successful… and this gives you a good gut feeling and with this hope. And, if your customer are successful, you will be successful because they are coming with new assignments.

Fear never should lead us into anger and aggression.

Fear arises because things we have learned and love will change and we don’t know how the future will look like. How can we counter this?

Think about how you build a great #CX. It is about understanding the customer and deliver the right help at the right moment of time. Adopt this, understand your customer or your own business at the current moment of time and think about how to change things. If you do so you will be the winner of this pandemic.

Working 8 hours a day in the office? Not right now and not in future. Working more and more from home? Yes, but…. What we need is the face to face exchange with others. To innovate we need to step out of the business environment, means the office or home office. Just these days I was reading a newsletter where a coach was talking about a coaching walk with a client. This is exactly what helps me. From time to time I go to the top of the mountains, step into a different world and leave the valley (of tears) behind me. This is the place for me to rethink things.

If we are able to work from home now, think about such a place for you. We live in a connected world, so having our mobile with us is ok, we do not need to sit at the desk. Taking such brakes can bring you much forward than 8 hours on your desk.

This is a different, result orientated kind of work approach. You can do this by your own or together with colleagues instead of doing meetings in zoom or conference rooms.

Let’s move !

Let’s talk !

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