Some notes and thoughts about digital transformation

What is Digital Transformation for you?

Have you ever thought about this buzzword what it means for you?

Digital Transformation is NOT a technical process, it is starting in the head of each individual in a company. We are coming from a channel thinking, means one person is responsible for search, the other on for display, the next for e-mail, radio, tv, print, etc. The technical process, means implementing the right systems to bring the digital transformation live, is following the re-thinking.

Think about your business, your setup, your environment… what is digital transformation for you?

What is the benefit of Digital Transformation?

  • Is it just doing things you did in the past manually now automated to save time?
  • Is it connecting channels to have a better ROI?
  • Is it gaining entire new business?


Always changing…

Digital Transformation is a process which takes place everywhere and every time in your company / business. This is a never ending process. Have you ever thought about milestones? Which milestones have you already reached and which are the next ones?

…feel free to take this to consider about writing a comment or an entire article. I’m happy to read what your thinking and vision is.

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